Gayle Romasanta is an award winning writer, artist and innovator. She received her Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing, from San Francisco State University and received a scholarship to attend the Master of Fine Arts Writing program, at California College of the Arts. Since then, her work as a writer and editor has been published in newspapers, magazines, books, online, and featured on radio and television programs on KQED, KPFA, ABS-CBN, WB, NBC and FOX news affiliates. Gayle’s work in theater, film and music has been featured in events and venues such as the Houston Asian American Music Festival, San Francisco Asian American Jazz Festival,  and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. She is a former artistic director of Bindlestiff Studio, the only Filipino American theater in the United States. She also co-founded California College of the Arts literary arts journal, “Eleven Eleven,” and her first children’s book, “Beautiful Eyes” (Meritage Press 2012) is part of the curriculum for the San Francisco Unified School District. She also co-composed the music for the 2014 Google Philippines Overseas Filipino Worker campaign commercial.

Gayle has roots in Little Manila, in Stockton, California, growing up among relatives who worked as farm workers, while her mother worked for Bayanihan House in Little Manila as the community physician. The family farm was always a source of inspiration for her: if immigrant farm workers could buy land, she too, could do anything.   

In college, Gayle founded Kappa Psi Epsilon, a now 22-year-old Filipina cultural sorority with the motto, “Find your Inner Strength,” that has active chapters throughout California: UCLA, UC DAVIS, CSU Sacramento, CSU Long Beach, and San Francisco State University.

Currently, she is the founder and owner of Bridge and Delta Publishing, producing the first-ever series of its kind: eight books on Filipino American history for 5th-9th grade students, their teachers and families.