Google Commercial!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Lots of things happening in 2014. One of which was the honor to create and record music for the 2014 Google Philippines OFW campaign. I worked on it in February with longtime bandmate Kevin Camia (when we were all part of the Bobby Banduria Band, with Kevin as Bobby Banduria). We created a very sweet original, that was changed over 10 times into what you hear in the commercial. Check it out here. What do you think?

I played the violin and Kevin played a zillion instruments. We also got to work with an amazing musician, Cyrus of Hot Karate, who was our sound genius.

As a freelance writer, writer of my creative work, and full-time mommy, what’s it like to leave to Los Angeles for 10 days to do this?!!! It was a treat to be stimulated so artistically again and given a lot of great feedback about the music I create. Music is never work to me. I was able to Facetime the little ones and Google+ video chat with them while at the studio and when I wasn’t working. This was the most spontaneous I’ve been in terms of travel and work. It couldn’t have been done if I didn’t have family to help take care of the kids while I was gone.

It was a blast and hopefully, I’ll get a chance to do it again. Or just play in another band or make my kids learn instruments so we can make a family band. Lol. Whichever comes first.



Our last day in the studio


Past midnight selfie while creating a violin part

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Busy as the Bonnie Magazine Editor

I’ve been working hard as the bonnie editor for the last year, Sacramento’s women’s magazine. Check out all the media I’ve been doing for the magazine.  One of the more favorite videos I was a part of, being interviewed by Tina Macuha on CW 31’s  Good Day Sacramento.



A big thanks also is order to the Lodi News Sentinel and Lauren Nelson, who wrote such a thorough article about my writing life. With my previous theater and written work out in the general public to criticize, it’s nice when I get such a nice surprise and accolades for my work from a local source.

I’m still working on the second book following Beautiful Eyes with illustrator Ramon Abad (in addition to bonnie magazine), so stay tuned for that !

My new editor’s photo by Gena Roma Photography.

photo by Gena Roma Photography



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Me and Familia on TV!

Thank you Adobo Nation for having us- me and the familia on your program last month. It was very neat to get a sneak peek at what goes on at a television station (in this case ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel). Check out this clip of us on TV talking about Beautiful Eyes Tagalog English Children’s Book!



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Pilipino American Coalition takes pics with Beautiful Eyes!

Opened up my email this morning and found this from my publisher. It looks like PAC at California State University, Long Beach, my alma mater, and where I started Kappa Psi Epsilon, got a hold of Beautiful Eyes. I love it. Thank you Pilipino American Coalition!!!



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KQED Article

KQED recently did an article and segment on the literary arts journal I co-founded at California College of the Arts, Eleven Eleven. It’s been around for the last 10 years now- which is awesome, and now headed up by poet Hugh Behm-Steimburg. I remember writing the proposal for the journal with co-founder Youmna Chlala. We thought of the idea of the journal at the CCA graduate MFA start of the year dinner at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Wonderful writers and artists have since graced its pages. Though it’s no longer a hard cover you can purchase, Eleven Eleven is available as an online journal. Take a look at the current issue . This all started with a big idea by two friends on a nature hike to the beach before dinner with the CCA MFA class of 2004…I love it when ideas turn out bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Here’s a video of me at the CCA Eleven Eleven 10 year celebration reading introducing writer Teresa Walsh

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Beautiful Eyes on Adobo Nation

My daughter Ruby will be on TV reading Beautiful Eyes on the Filipino Channel’s show, Adobo Nation tomorrow, Sunday, August 12. The show plays at 6:45pm-7:45pm. I’ll update with the link for those who do not have the Filipino Channel. The whole family was there to tape, with my baby Jude even part of the segment. It was great fun, and the hosts Tet and Lee were very nice on and off camera. Many thanks to Rio from the Little Bits Band who told ABS-CBN about the book!


The family in the ABS-CBN green room

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San Francisco Arts Commission Kiosks on Market Street

A nice surprise- the San Francisco Arts Commission picked stills from my play, Love in the Time of Breast Cancer directed by Fides Enriquez, for their new ad campaign. Kiosks on Market Street have photos of different plays shown in different theater districts. My play represents the South of Market district. Very neat- and photo by the talented Mike Ricca. The wonderful actors in the shot are Roberto Divina and Esperanza Catubig. Producers of this production were Nicole Maxali and Maggie Suarez of PMSTA. To see all the theater posters, check out SF Arts Commission site.



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